Philippine-Japan Manning Consultative Council Inc.

PJMCC is a non-stock non-profit organization duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on 07 January 2002. As of January 2014, PJMCC comprises sixty eight (68) manning agents with ships owned and controlled by Japanese companies and which ships are covered by the IBF/JSU-AMOSUP-IMMAJ Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The Association is quite committed in its involvement with the maritime and seafaring industry both in the Philippines and in Japan, especially those concerning Filipino seafarers’ welfare and their training to improve their skills and competencies.

Being recognized as the Association of several manning agents representing the interest of Filipino seafarers working with various Japanese companies, PJMCC has been in the forefront of several initiatives related to training, international maritime regulations, collective bargaining agreements, and government affairs affecting the Industry. It is today considered as the lead Association in representing the interest of manning agents and the Filipino seafarers working with the Japanese maritime industry.

The PJMCC Office is located at the 6th Floor, JSU-AMOSUP Mariners’ Home, 1765 Vasquez corner Nakpil Sts., Malate 1004, Manila.

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Roster of PJMCC Members
As of January 2014

  1. Abosta Shipmanagement Corporation
  2. Adfil Shipmanning and Management Corporation
  3. Albar Shipping and Trading Corporation
  4. Alpha Ship Management Corporation
  5. Amethyst Shipping Corporation
  6. Araw Shipping Agency, Inc.
  7. Asia Bulk Transport Philippines
  8. Astra Marine International, Inc.
  9. Baliwag Navigation, Inc.
  10. Barko International, Inc.
  11. Beamko Shipmanagement Corporation
  12. Bouvet Shipping Management Corporation
  13. Bridge Marine Corporation
  14. BSM Crew Service Centre Philippines, Inc.
  15. Cargo Safeway, Inc.
  16. Cleene Maritime, Inc.
  17. Cordial Shipping, Inc.
  18. Dolphin Ship Management, Inc.
  19. Eastgate Maritime Corporation
  20. Fair Shipping Corporatio
  21. Fleet Management Services,Inc
  22. Grace Marine and Shipping Corporation
  23. Hanseatic Shipping Philippines, Inc.
  24. IMS Philippines Maritime Corporation
  25. Intermodal Shipping, Inc.
  26. Island Overseas Transport Corporation
  27. Jebsens Maritime, Inc.
  28. Leonis Navigation, Inc.
  29. Magsaysay Maritime Corporation
  30. Magsaysay MOL Marine, Inc.
  31. Maine Marine Philippines, Inc.
  32. Manila Ocean Crew Management, Inc.
  33. Maranaw Luzon Shipping Co., Inc.
  34. Matagumpay Maritime Corporation
  35. Maunlad Trans, Inc.
  36. Mercury Shipping Corporation
  37. MMSPhil Maritime Services, Inc.
  38. Merfolk Shipping, Inc.
  39. MOT Barko Manila, Inc.
  40. MST Marine Services (Phils.), Inc.
  41. Multinational Maritime, Inc.
  42. New Filipino Maritime Agencies, Inc.
  43. NS United Maritime Philippines Inc.
  44. NYK-Fil Ship Management, Inc.
  45. Oriental Shipmanagement, Inc.
  46. Orientline Philippines, Inc.
  47. Orophil Shipping International Co., Inc.
  48. Philippine Standard Shipmanagement, Inc.
  49. Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc.
  50. Philippine Transworld Shipping Corporation
  51. Phoenix Maritime Corporation
  52. Pilipinas Crown Maritime, Inc.
  53. Sanko Fil-Star Maritime Corporation
  54. ST Ocean Philippines, Inc.
  55. SDV Maritime Corporation
  56. Seacap Shipping, Inc.
  57. Seacrest Maritime Management, Inc.
  58. Sealandia EMS Crew Management Philippines, Inc.
  59. Solar Manning Services Philippines Agency, Inc.
  60. Solpia Marine and Shipmanagement, Inc.
  61. Southfield Agencies, Inc.
  62. Splash Philippines, Inc.
  63. Top Ever Marine Management Philippines Corporation
  64. Transorient Maritime Agencies, Inc.
  65. Unitra Maritime Manila, Inc.
  66. Ventis Maritime Corporation
  67. Veritas Maritime Corporation
  68. Vintex Shipping Philippines, Inc.
  69. Virjen Shipping Corporation
  70. Wallem Maritime Services, Inc.