Endorsement Guide for PJMCC Member Manning Agents

Below steps are to be performed by a PJMCC manning agent personnel-in-charge of training. If you are a seafarer
who would like to take any of our courses, please contact your Training Manager/Officer, accordingly.

To check if your manning company is a member of PJMCC, click here.

Step 1

Call the IMMAJ-PJMCC Foundation, Inc. to confirm availability of slots for particular training course and schedule.

Step 2

Reserve a seat by providing the IMMAJ-PJMCC Foundation, Inc. with the name of the seafarer, who will take the course.

Step 3

Print-out and complete all details required in the IMMAJ-PJMCC Form A1 or Training Endorsement Slip .

Step 4

Print-out and complete the IMMAJ-PJMCC Form A2 or Training Waiver Form for signature of the seafarer taking the training course.

Step 5

As soon completed, submit original copies of Forms A1 and A2 to the IMMAJ-PJMCC Foundation, Inc., together with other required documents, for official registration and enrollment of the seafarer.

Step 6*

Claim from the IMMAJ-PJMCC Foundation, Inc. office Form A3 or Training Admission Slip. Additional instructions/reminders for training are also issued together with the Form A3.

Step 7

Issue Form A3 to the seafarer before the first day of his training as well as give the seafarer additional instructions/reminders.

Step 8

Ensure the seafarer's complete attendance to the training course.

* In case the seafarer himself claims Form A3 from the IMMAJ-PJMCC Foundation, Inc. office, STEP 7 may be disregarded.

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