Barko International, Inc.

The Barko International, Inc. (In-House Training Center), had its beginnings in 1994 when Barko offered its first in-house training course – COLREGS, followed by Human Relations Course. In April 1995, Barko engineers developed and made available to the market, the EPTEC (Engine Personnel Training Examination by Computer), a tool for assessing engineers still being used today. Barko International, Inc. continues to develop its in-house training programs and courses with the aim of continually developing its officers and crew to continuously operate their respective vessels safely, efficiently, at the highest industry standard attainable.

On 13 April 2012, the Barko In-house Training Center opened its doors to serving the Philippine manning industry with the inauguration of the IMMAJ-PJMCC Foundation's 6th training facility in the Philippines, the Engine Room Simulator and equipment for the Marine Refrigeration and Air-conditioning and Marine Electro Hydraulic course to augment the IMMAJ-PJMCC Foundation's capacity to offer various engine training courses to Filipino Marine Engineers who are member of AMOSUP and PSU, and special members of AJSU, working on Japanese beneficially-owned vessels covered by the AJSU CBA and CA.



4th Floor, Barko Bldg.,
P. Ocampo cor. Arellano Sts., Manila

Courses offered in behalf of IMMAJ-PJMCC Foundation, Inc.:

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