IMMAJ Hosts Luncheon for 2016 Scholars


The International Mariners Management Association of Japan (IMMAJ)  through the IMMAJ-PJMCC Foundation, Inc. hosted a luncheon in honor of their scholars from the graduating cadets of the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP) Class 2016 at the Mess Hall of the Capt. Gregorio S. Oca building, MAAP Campus, Mariveles, Bataan after their graduation ceremony last May 28, 2016.

A total of 85 scholars successfully graduated this May from the Valkereans Class of 2016.  This represented just the first batch of scholars who will be boarding Japanese vessels this year.  

IMMAJ-PJMCC Consultant, CE Wenifredo Sola began the program by welcoming the graduates and their families, and introducing the IMMAJ dignitaries, guests and sponsors.  Philippine-Japan Manning Consultative Council (PJMCC) Vice President Capt. Teodoro B. Quijano then went to the stage and gave his inspirational message to the graduates.

Together with IMMAJ Chairman, Capt. Masami Sasaki, Capt. Quijano paid recognition to the scholars who graduated with honors.  These were Sean Christopher Santiago Reinier A. Lentze a scholar of BSM Company who graduated Cumlaude, and awarded with the President's Saber Award and NROTC Award; Ace Mark B. Pompa a scholar of Magsaysay MOL who graduated Cumlaude; Mark Alvin O. Balgua a scholar of Magsaysay MOL and recipient of the Leadership Award- Fleet Commander; and Reynaldo G. Quimo, a scholar of Magsaysay MOL and awarded as the Best in Shipboard Training Award.

After the program, the graduates then proceeded to meet their sponsors and principals led by Asia Bulk Transport Philippines, Inc., Barko International, Inc., Beamko Shipmanagement Corporation, BSM Crew Service Centre Philippines, Inc., Eastgate Maritime Corporation, Fairview Shipping Agencies Corporation, Grace Marine & Shipping Corporation, IMS Philippines Maritime Corporation, Island Overseas Transport Corporation, Leonis Navigation Company, Inc., Magsaysay Maritime Corporation – Keymax, Magsaysay MOL Marine, Inc., Maine Marine Philippines, Inc., Maranaw Luzon Shipping Company, Inc., Matagumpay Maritime, Inc., Mercury Shipping Corporation, MMSPhil Maritime Services, Inc., Multinational Maritime, Inc., Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc., Phoenix Maritime Corporation, S.T. Ocean Philippines, Inc., and Splash Philippines, Inc.


Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP), Mariveles, Bataan            
Saturday, 28 May 2016, 1200H

Asia Bulk Transport Philippines, Inc.
Balbastro, Erold - Deck Cadet

Barko International, Inc.
Gualter, John Lester - Deck Cadet
Evangelista, Mark Jayson - Engine Cadet
Mariano, Kristopher Chad - Engine Cadet
Yumul, Renzo - Engine Cadet

Beamko Shipmanagement Corporation
Nolasco, Aaron - Deck Cadet
Saonoy, Romuel Christopher - Engine Cadet

BSM Crew Service Centre Philippines, Inc.
Abenido, Louie John - Deck Cade
Garcia, Jayson Conrad - Deck Cade
Remollino, Jinroe - Deck Cade
Sanchez, Juan Paolo - Deck Cade
Garcia, Aljon Van Dale - Engine Cadet
Lentze, Sean Christopher Santiago Reinier - Engine Cadet
Peralta,Cynfred Henry - Engine Cadet

Eastgate Maritime Corporation
Capalla, Michael Gil P. - Deck Cadet
Madlangbayan, Jian Carlo - Deck Cadet
Sioco, Frank - Deck Cade
Abrasaldo, Christian - Engine Cadet
Apostol,  John Mark - Engine Cadet
Castillo, Rossiler - Engine Cadet
Suarez, Reynaldo - Engine Cadet

Fairview Shipping Agencies Corporation
Sinongco, Kevin - Deck Cadet

Grace Marine & Shipping Corporation
Espino, Marlon Renz - Deck Cadet
Macaraeg, Jefferson - Deck Cadet
Putian, Celver Joy - Deck Cadet
Quirante, Danico - Deck Cadet
Tabita, Davemar - Deck Cadet
Menorca, Reginel - Engine Cadet
Oblea, Peter - Engine Cadet
Purificacion, Jerome - Engine Cadet
Retubado, Mc Niñoh - Engine Cadet
Saul, Paul Anthony - Engine Cadet
Tubon, Gene Aldo - Engine Cadet

IMS Philippines Maritime Corporation
Bencio, Jeus - Deck Cadet
Siray, Francis - Deck Cadet
Artienda, Mark Jay - Engine Cadet

Island Overseas Transport Corporation
Rivera, Jan Lorenz - Deck Cadet
Sobrevega, Carl Leonel - Deck Cadet
Yacapin, Neil Harris - Deck Cadet
Capitle, Wilbert - Engine Cadet
Lubis, Horace Arlson - Engine Cadet
Manibale, Arvin Carlo - Engine Cadet

Leonis Navigation Company, Inc.
Lopez, Marvin John - Engine Cadet
Mutuc, Kie - Engine Cadet

Magsaysay Maritime Corporation - Keymax
Nuñez, Jerome - Deck Cadet
Debuyan, Vicon Jake - Engine Cadet
Gloria, Marlon - Engine Cadet
Nilooban, Joel - Engine Cadet
Peña, Dennis Arman Micheal - Engine Cadet

Magsaysay MOL Marine, Inc.
Balgua, Mark Alvin - Deck Cadet
Bulaon, Bryson Bryson Joseph - Deck Cadet
Calica, Ivan Timothy - Deck Cadet
Demaisip, Rex - Deck Cadet
Mercado, Christian Jay Emmanuel - Deck Cadet
Pido, John Casper - Deck Cadet
Pompa, Ace Mark - Deck Cadet
Beltran, Stephen Butch - Engine Cadet
Borbe, Jerico - Engine Cadet
Briva, Royette - Engine Cadet
De Jesus, Aldrin - Engine Cadet
Julipa, Guiller Paul - Engine Cadet
Lapid, Earl John - Engine Cadet
Mapula, Manolo - Engine Cadet
Mesias Jeric - Engine Cadet
Peralta, Rhyck Naz'reth - Engine Cadet
Quimo, Reynaldo - Engine Cadet
Tartado, Ernesto Jr. - Engine Cadet

Maine Marine Philippines, Inc.
Manalili, John Remar - Deck Cadet
Palmero, Rafael - Deck Cadet

Maranaw Luzon Shipping Company, Inc.
Dolor, Izzy Dale - Deck Cadet
Laurel. Kevin Jay - Engine Cadet

Matagumpay Maritime, Inc.
Rolluqui, Earl - Deck Cadet
Artillero, Christian - Engine Cadet

Mercury Shipping Corporation
Flores, Adrian - Engine Cadet

MMSPhil Maritime Services, Inc.
Aspuria, Kevin John - Engine Cadet

Multinational Maritime, Inc.
Dating, Aldrick - Deck Cadet
Salcedo, Roel - Deck Cadet
Sanchez, Kriez Andrei - Engine Cadet

Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc.
Engkong, Job - Engine Cadet

Phoenix Maritime Corporation
Aquino, John Patrick - Engine Cadet
Rugayan, Gian Karlo - Engine Cadet

S.T. Ocean Philippines, Inc.
Sarmiento, Mar Renno - Deck Cadet
Baladad, Alvyn Denzel - Engine Cadet

Splash Philippines, Inc.
Almero, Leo Francis - Engine Cadet

Relacion, Riel Roi - Engine Cadet


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